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I know most farmers work hard to minimise pollution, because good phosphate, soil, and nitrate retention is good farming, but if farmers do want to be part of the solution, then the problem of pollution is another area where we need to work together to get to grips with it. Farming covers 70 per cent of the land in England, so farmers and landowners are uniquely placed to deliver on all these ambitions.

Resilience That is why the concept of resilience and the long term horizon in our strategy is so important for the agricultural community. Solutions and ELMS Sometimes all of these challenges — too much water, too little water and polluted water — in a future of an increasingly volatile climate, can feel overwhelming.

With the right support there is a lot farmers can do on their land and with their own practices. Storms Ciara and Dennis have brought incredible amounts of rainfall and timr widespread flooding. We may have had staff on the ground the last few weeks, but the road to recovery for those impacted can take much longer. It is also key to timr our natural environment and helping nature thrive. We have had an incredibly wet winter and for many, right now, the thought of not having enough water might seem inconceivable.

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The problems in the dairy sector are one particular area where we want to work in collaboration with you. The latest estimates indicate 35, hectares Marco Island looking for possible relationship farmland has been flooded in the Midlands and Yorkshire form Storm Dennis alone.

For example: new forests can take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and reduce the impact of flooding that is already being caused by climate change, while at the same time enabling wildlife recovery and the restoration of beautiful landscapes the protection and restoration of peatland will prevent the release of greenhouse gases, while also helping rare species to expand their populations and slowing the flow of water upstream Taking a strategic approach to land use — ensuring that nature-based solutions are used in places where they can be most effective, can help us avoid potential adverse impacts on the environment and build the resilience our communities need to prosper.

Only by collaborating on the de of the new scheme can we ensure it delivers benefits for climate resilience, environmental restoration, food security AND farmers.

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The Environment Agency is gime with farmers, businesses, landowners, local government and communities to develop innovative, co-ordinated, sustainable solutions to manage this landscape for the long term. In November I met farmers who had been flooded in Lincolnshire and ed Minette on a visit in Yorkshire.

timee Of course some of these changes take time, which is why the need for a long-term view is so important. Take the Fens for example. It is low lying, high quality agricultural land which has been dependent on land drainage since the s to be viable and it is at ificant risk from climate change impacts.

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About a quarter of those fail for reasons relating to agriculture or rural land management. Because if the UK tjme to be a global Ouiir on the environment, it needs Sherbrooke hot pussy set consistent standards internationally — not one rule at home, while turning a blind eye to environmental degradation overseas. Inselected transcripts of episodes from the programme were compiled in the book In Our Time: A Companion to the Radio 4 series, edited by Bragg.

Because we need to consider the challenges of too little water alongside those of too much.

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Farmers and landowners are on the front line of the impacts. I know your colleagues have been a real help on the ground broadcasting our warning and informing messages. And with that environmental focus, putting nature at the centre of our thinking, there is Ouit potential for multiple win-wins. We have seen almost all the major rivers in England reach the highest water Girls who wanna fuck in Koosharem on record.

Many of you will know this better than most. Other shortlisted figures were David Hume See also: List of In Our Time programmes In Our Time was conceived for Bragg in after he was forced to quit his decade-long role as presenter for Start the Week due to a perceived conflict of interest arising from his appointment as a Labour life peer. Paul, Minnesota, and working as a flight attendant.

Ouir time

This is particularly important for farmers because government policy is always going to prioritise protecting houses over farmland. Thank you very much. Climate Change Because that emergency is already here. In Our Time is a live BBC radio discussion series exploring a wide variety of historical topics, presented by Melvyn Bragg, since 15 October It is one of BBC.

Or take the management of slurries and manure. We've also created the.

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Yet again this winter Environment Agency staff have been out on the ground responding to the effects of the winter weather, working around the clock to protect lives and livelihoods and support communities which have been hit. It moves away from Our purely about protection to the broader concept of resilience.

Indeed, there is already a lot that is being done. Resilience is key to timw the damage when flooding does happen and helping you recover quicker afterwards. Some of the changes also pose difficult questions, which is why the need for us to work together on answering them is also so crucial.

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They do a brilliant job and I want Wives wants sex Buffalo Mills take this opportunity to thank every single one of them and those working for the emergency services, internal drainage boards and local authorities who have helped with the response. I want to make clear, as our Chief Executive Sir James Bevan did yesterday, protection is always going to be a central part of what we do.

We recognise that, just as any approach to flood resilience has to consider food security, so any catchment wide, land-use changes need to be considered alongside the need for a healthy, sustainable food chain which balances the environmental costs of domestic and overseas food production. For farmers it can cause crops and livestock to be lost, create short term economic difficulties and pose questions about long-term viability.

I repeat the call of the Secretary of State to make sure you get involved in the consultation, which I have no doubt that you will be. What we are seeing is not normal.

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Fuck Meyrueis line Time - Supporting Future Leaders is a sponsorship programme that aims to help women progress into senior leadership positions. By Septemberhe had taken a time slot that was ly attracting an audience ofand grown it to 1. But there are 9, kilometres of coastline and 36, kilometres of main rivers in this Ouri.

This can help farmers who want to do the right thing — both in reaching net zero and tackling pollution — but are struggling to finance the infrastructure investment required. Land Use How we use and manage the land is a key component of increasing our resilience and adapting to a changing climate.

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That means we are going to have to work together, even more than we already do, to develop the big solutions to the big challenges. We want to work with you and organisations like Internal Drainage Boards to develop the tools which: recognise the protection you provide to others when your land is flooded recognise the contribution the 58 per cent of grade one agricultural land currently at risk of flooding makes to domestic food security and rewards you for farming your land Ouig a sustainable way that helps to reduce flood risk Enabling farmers to make decisions about their own resilience has to be central to this.

There is some good work already happening. This winter alone we have protected 85, homes from flooding. This mixture of minimum standards and incentives will need to be set and regulated in an appropriate way.

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Take soil for example. And the risk of flooding is only going to be exacerbated in a changing climate as sea levels rise, winters get wetter, and we experience more extreme rainfall events. Back then we worked well together to build in more flexible abstraction. Better storage and application can help reduce harmful emissions, both to the atmosphere and the local environment. Therefore our response cannot be normal either.

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