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BY: Mary Jo HI everyone My husband and I were looking at this loost and decided to take one of the dares, we chose a dare by chance and got this one. The deal was, if I Escorts stretham get hard I get to have a threesome with lpst and the other lpst. BUT, if I do get hard, I have to go to a club with her, watch her hook up with some random guy, drive them back to my place, and videotape her being his bitchdoing everything he tells her to do.

I heard Jim call me to meet the new people who came in, I got up and slowly walked toward the front door, nervous and shaky, Jane went with me and held my hand. He immediately made her strip, and strip him of his clothes too. Then, bwt I stood nearby and watched, she turned around, put one hand on the back of his head, pulled him to her, and started full-on making out with him, right in front of me.

I heard Jim telling them about the dare and they said that George Jane's huband had told them and they wanted to see for themself.

Erotic lost bet

Watch Lost Bet porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Of course, I lost the bet We didn't tell the quest who had which team until the fourth quarter, and without a miracle, I was the one on the losing team, or should I say the one to be naked real soon!

Erotic lost bet

Just when I thought this experience couldn't get any worse, she looked over at me and said "David, I don't need you anymore. Jim invited some buddies over, 4 came and two of those brought their wives. I want to be his personal bitch, her to please him whenever he wants it.

I was hoping it Eotic someone like a parent or sister, brother. I was not happy, nerverous and scared, I knew this would be a very embaressing time.

Erotic lost bet

There was now 10 people in my home plus my husband and I was the only one naked. But when I heard Jim say to them come on in I knew that my evening wasn't over by far. When we got Erotuc my house, my girlfriend made me set her video camera up in my bedroom.

Jim got the other losy and when the guest arrived we explained to them about the dare and the site we found. The two wives who came said they had beg agree with my husband, but asked how I ever got myself into such a dare. Then I had to hear her tell him "Your dick is much bigger than David's, I can't wait to feel it. She pushed him onto my bed, and told him she now belonged to him, and would do absolutely anything he said.

I was hoping it was someone asking directions.

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He blew a huge load into her mouth, the first time she has ever let anyone cum in her mouthEErotic she opened her mouth to show the camera before swallowing the massive load. Susan and Girls calgary, the two wives could see that I was ready to run from the room and my husband said its ok, I didn't have to finish.

We watched the game with intrest, both wanted to be the winner. No other sex.


On the way there, I watched them in the rear-view mirror, playing around and getting ready to fuck each other's brains out. We based it on the Sunday football game, we both picked a team, as we have friends over for the game it seemed like lostt time that we could be open and have some fun.

Erotic lost bet

There was one guy in particular, Craig, who seemed to take a real liking to her, grinding his crotch into her ass and reaching around to rub her legs and play with her tits. She sucked and sucked, and when he tapped her head and said he was going to cum, she just grabbed his ass and sucked harder. We decided to do this dare again,, and this time Ebt will pick the winning team They all said yea sounds like a good vet, not what I wanted to hear, I just wanted them to leave.

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Without any notice Jim got up from his chair and moved over to the couch to sit with his 4 buddies and ask me to face him. The three of us ladies went to get some sandwichs, drinks and chips. I was now standing in front of 7 people, my husband and 4 other men and 2 women in nothing but my bra and panties.

Erotic lost bet

All the guys just kept staring and making comments on how great I looked, and how beautiful I was, and how gutsy I was to do this. I may never want his again.

Erotic lost bet

I then turned to Jim and said "No a bet is a bet and the payment is this dare and Iam going to do it as we planned. Craigs worc I turned I knew now that I would be facing 5 men as I removed the last two pieces of clothing on my body.

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He then told her to do something she hated doing, and wouldn't do for me. I got introduced to everyone, and had to shake their hands the guys seemed to shake my hand rather fast and then I realized why, so my breast would bouce up and down.

But then I figured why not, and reached down and slid my panties to the floor and stepped out of them. I felt confident. He told her to suck his dick, and she got down on her knees and went at it like it was her favorite thing in the world!

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Jane was still by my side and out of net blue Susan got up and stood by my other side. And during the game I would glance around and notice that they guys were looking more at me, or at least as much at me as they were watching the Day drink and date. Free featured Lost Bets Games Porn Videos from Watch tons of new & hot Lost Bets Games XXX Vids on xHamster!

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